Food Review: Honey Creme


Taiwan’s famous soft serve ice-cream brand Honey Creme opened its doors to Singaporeans on October 26 at 1pm and it’s not surprising that it attracted long queues.

As expected, I jumped on the bandwagon to see what the hype was all about and was greatly disappointed.



From the pictures, you can see that it’s very pleasing to both the eyes and stomach. With prices starting from $4.60 for the original flavour, it’s a tad overpriced and I definitely wouldn’t brave the long queues just for this soft-serve.

image Dark Chocolate ($5.50)

They weren’t very generous in their chocolate sauce and I felt that the soft serve itself is too milky and rich for my liking.

Cotton Candy ($5.90)

The cotton candy was fluffy and the texture of the soft serve was undeniably smooth and creamy. However, I thought that this was a bit tasteless as there was only cotton candy on top and just the original soft serve at the bottom.

image Popcorn ($5.90)

This is probably the best out of the three. The salted caramel popcorn complements the ice cream perfectly. It balances out the sweetness and hides the milky taste of the soft serve. The popcorn was also crunchy and tasted like Garrett Popcorn’s. This flavour was such a delight to eat.

In my honest opinion, Honey Creme is just an expensive McDonald’s vanilla cone. I guess it’s a ‘love it’ or ‘hate it with a burning passion’ and personally, I think it’s just average. I wouldn’t mind getting it if there wasn’t a queue though and it’s worth a try if you want to join in on the craze.



313 Orchard Road, 313@Somerset #01-37, Singapore 238895
(Nearest train station: Somerset)

Opening hours:
Mon – Sun: 11.00 am to 10.00 pm

2 thoughts on “Food Review: Honey Creme

  1. I was googling for some honest honeycreme reviews and chanced upon yours. Nuff of those instagrammer/bloggers that write positive reviews of the latesr craze. Its like almost impossible to find a llaollao hater isnt it. The craze made me wanna head downtown at 11am tmr and beat the queue but well thanks anyway that I read this blogpost bout the very expensive macdees ice cream. I guess I’ll have to wait half a year later when the craze die down!


    • Thank you Ambie, I agree with you. Most of the reviews are quite pretentious. I headed down at 11am to avoid the queue to be honest hahahah! It wasn’t worth the trip 😦 I heard that the queue isn’t that long anymore though, you probably won’t have to wait half a year! 🙂


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