Food Review: Kith Café, Park Mall


Headed down to Kith for a catch-up session with my best friend – we arrived at around 10.30am on a Friday and it wasn’t crowded at all. Kith Cafe has a really nice ambiance and it’s the perfect place to just chill because it’s really peaceful and quiet.

We decided to dine in the al-fresco area and it was a windy day so it was actually quite cool and comfortable to sit outside.

Latte ($4)

The latte is quite small and my friend said that it wasn’t very good. Moreover, given the price, I wouldn’t recommend getting it.

Strawberry Smoothie ($8.50)
Fresh fruit, Vanilla Yoghurt, Milk, Ice, Honey

This was delicious and refreshing. It was thick and creamy as well.

2pc Toast ($5) + Smoked Bratwurst ($3.50) + Scrambled Eggs ($4) + Smoked Salmon ($4.50)

There’s a few choices for what kind of bread you’d like for the toast and I chose Multigrain. The bread was fluffy and really plain without any spread haha. I really loved the smoked bratwurst. The scrambled eggs were a bit milky but smooth and creamy. They were good! The smoked salmon was not bad too.

Gorgonzola ($18)
Penne, Gorgonzola, Cream, Baby Spinach, Parmesan Cheese

The penne was cooked to al dente. The sauce was very thick and on the cheesy side but it was nice for the first ten minutes I guess. If you’re a pasta and cheese lover, you can order this.

In short, Kith Cafe is a great cafe to hang out although it’s a bit pricy. I’d say it serves hearty, comforting foods and for the price, their portions are worth it. This is a cafe I wouldn’t mind visiting again. I heard their pizzas are good too!


9 Penang Road #01-01E, Park Mall, Singapore 238459
(Nearest train station: Dhoby Ghaut)
Tel: 6338 8611

Opening hours:
Tues – Sun: 8.00am – 10.00pm

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