Not another food blog

I decided to make a food blog three months ago. Here we are now. The idea of making a food blog came to me while I was strongly criticising a dish from a café my friends and I were eating at. One of my friends, who was either very annoyed or fascinated by the amount of words I had to say to a plate of food, suggested I should blog about it. Then I thought to myself, “Why not?”

Unfortunately, like most people, I am an inveterate procrastinator. I have put off making this blog post for a while now because I simply couldn’t think of how to kickstart my food blog. Should I post about the last meal I made? Or maybe review the nice Thai restaurant I went to this weekend? Finally, I settled on giving this new blog a proper introduction before I start on anything and I will try not to repeat anything from my About page.

So how did I come up with this name ‘yinom’? I’d like to think that I’m very creative and imaginative as I simply switched the letters in my name. It is a play on words and ‘mon’ became ‘nom’! Nom is very popularly used in the phrase ‘nom nom nom’, a sound that people make when they’re enjoying their food – do people actually make that sound? Anyways I’m very proud of this blog title as it not only represents me, but also represents my love for food.

Although I will eat almost anything edible that’s on my plate, I have a relish for sushi, chocolate and bread. So expect more posts to be related to these three things. Despite my blog being predominantly food themed, there may or may not be occasional posts where I blog about happenings in my life, such as the recent race I’ve competed in or travel logs.

I promise my next post will be more food related so for now,  welcome to blog and I hope you enjoy reading it!