Food Review: Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters


Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters is probably one of the most hipster cafes in town due to its minimalist theme. The inside of the cafe is very modern, with white walls and white lights and smells strongly of good coffee. It has an extensive food and drinks menu but prices are on the steep side. Brunch items go for $16-$20 and drinks from $4.50 onwards.

Truffle Benedict ($18)
Brioche, Smoked Ham, Wilted Spinach & Free-Range Poached Eggs served with Truffle Hollandaise Sauce

Our smoked ham was replaced with bacon, because apparently, they’ve run out of smoked ham even though it was only morning. Additionally, the toasted brioche was too crispy for my liking. Of the two poached eggs, one was horribly overcooked and almost became a hard-boiled egg. The truffle taste was barely discernible as well. I was disappointed by this dish as the description looked rather promising.

American Breakfast ($20)
Multigrain Toast, Roasted Tomatoes, Mushroom, Hash, Bacon, Sausage & Choice of Eggs – Scrambled

Being the most expensive item on the brunch menu, I expected way more. The dish came with a single, sad piece of hard toast and a soggy-looking tomato. The hash and mushroom were your average store-bought items. The scrambled eggs were done quite poorly. They were bland and overcooked. The cafe ran out of sausage, too, so that was replaced by smoked salmon which was pretty good and not too salty. The dish came with a mini jar of blackcurrant jam that tasted way too sweet.

Penne Carbonara ($16)
Classic Italian Carbonara with Bacon, Baby Asparagus, Onion & Cream Sauce

This was not bad, I felt that the cream sauce wasn’t too thick and just right.

With such a relatively high price tag on its food, I honestly expected more from this cafe. The decor was so promising, but I was let down by the quality of the food here. Hopefully their coffee is much better. But I know I won’t be back to try it anytime soon.



185 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574333

Opening hours:
Tue – Sun: 9.00 am – 11.00 pm

Food Review: Lola’s Cafe


Lola’s Cafe is a self-proclaimed backyard cafe that takes pride in serving unpretentious and heartwarming comfort fare in a playful and casual environment. Best known for its brunches, Lola’s is yet another cafe that has a huge following and is able to draw a crowd at any time of the day – especially during lunch hour.

Truffle Fries ($12)
Fries, Truffle Oil, Grated Parmesan

Delicious shoe-string fries generously seasoned and drizzled with truffle oil. The truffle taste was strong so there was a lot of flavour in the fries.

Honey Paprika Crispy Wings ($10)
Wings, Honey, Spices

A must-try at Lola’s is the chicken wings. I could see this dish on almost every table and I could understand why. They were pretty amazing. The crispy chicken wings were fried to perfection without being too oily. The meat was tender and juicy as well as addictive. The honey drizzled on top and the paprika seasoning complemented the chicken very well. However, I feel that I can remake this at home.

Farmer’s Bratwurst Roll ($8)
Pork Sausage, Sweet Bun, Nacho Cheese Sauce, Tomato Sauce, Potato Fries

This was so-so. The best thing about this dish was the sauce and its price.

Mushroom Melt ($11)
Brioche Bread, Swiss White Mushroom, Mozzarella Cheese, Cream, Garden Salad, Balsamic Dressing

The mushrooms were nice and there was a generous amount of cheese on well-toasted bread. Although it looks small in portion, my friend who ate it said it was very filling.

Breakfast Butter Croissant ($13)
Butter Croissant, Scrambled Egg, Honey Bacon, Pork Ham, Cheddar Cheese, Cajun Mayo, Garden Salad, Balsamic Dressing

The scrambled eggs were fluffy and great. The croissant was flaky and crispy yet soft on the inside. Instead of being salty, the bacon was sweet because of the honey which was a nice change. My friends also loved the balsamic vinegar dressing on the salad.

All in all, Lola’s Cafe is a lovely little cafe that is rather small but cosy and serves up heartwarming food. I don’t think I’ll be there again so soon but it definitely lives up to its reputation and is worthy of a try if you haven’t already been there.



5 Simon Rd, Singapore 545893
(Nearest train station: Kovan)
Tel: 6284 0349

Opening hours:
Tues – Wed, Sunday: 10.00 am – 11.30 pm
Friday – Saturday: 10.00 am – 12.00 am
Closed on Mondays

Food Review: Bodacious


Bodacious Bar & Bistro is the new kid on the block located in the heart of Biopolis. The place gives off a cool vibe with its dark and retro-chic decor. The food is simple, nothing really impressive but worth a try. They serve all-day breakfast and prices are reasonable, with main courses priced between $15-$20.


This was an impromptu visit as my batchmates and I were craving for churros. We originally wanted to try Spanish Doughnuts but I was too tired to travel all the way to town, so we settled for Bodacious as we were around the area. Upon entering, we were greeted by the friendly and cheerful staff. Moreover, their service is prompt and excellent. Our food was served quickly too.

Spanish Fritters ($8.80)
Churros doused with cinnamon & sugar

The churros were alright. They were crispy on the outside but lacked the soft fluffy insides. Instead, the inside was dense and mushy. Unfortunately, they were also not sprinkled with enough cinnamon and sugar. The cinnamon taste was barely there and they were not sweet enough. My friend commented that she preferred Habitat Coffee’s. The chocolate sauce was also neither rich nor thick enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. Additionally, they were not generous in their portion of the sauce.

Farm-Fresh Breakfast Plate ($16.80)
Buttery scramble, grilled tomato, toasted brioche, homemade jam and back bacon and sautéed herb mushroom

Two of my friends shared this and I only tried the scrambled eggs. They were slightly overdone as they didn’t have the right texture. It was spongy and a bit on the dry side, so they were not to my personal liking.

Mexican Enchiladas Beef ($14.80)
Ground beef wrapped in cheese melted corn tortillas flavoured with spicy tomatoes salsa and enchilada sauce

This was okay. The tortilla was a little soft and it would’ve tasted better if it were toasted. Moreover, weirdly enough, the melted cheese was stuck on the plate. The salsa was tangy and the sauce tasted fine. Kidney beans also accompanied the tortillas and they complemented the dish. Overall, the combination of flavours went well together but it was an average-tasting dish, nothing to shout about.

To sum it all up, the food at Bodacious Bar & Bistro is, I quote, ‘simple and unpretentious’, as stated by the restaurant. This cafe is great hang-out place for those who working in the Biopolis area, especially if you’re up for drinks and decent food. However, I would not go out of my way to come here, considering that I don’t even work yet. Hahaha.


70 Biopolis Street, Singapore 138547
(Nearest train station: Buona Vista)
Tel: 6778 9585

Opening hours:
Mon – Fri: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
Sun: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm