Food Review: Assembly Coffee


Assembly Coffee is sandwiched between Mr Prata and The Wine Company at Evans Lodge. Its premises are very small but attracts large crowds. There are few items on the food menu and its list of drinks seems to be more lengthy than the food menu.

I came here on a Saturday morning and I’m pretty sure there can’t be a worse time to visit a cafe. The tables were very close together so everyone was kind of squeezed. The cafe was also full of chatter and it just didn’t give off a cosy and chill vibe.

Iced Chocolate ($6)

To kick-start a series of letdowns, we were served a way-below average drink. We saw how they made this drink – they put a scoop of vanilla ice cream, filled half the cup with Meiji Milk, poured some chocolate sauce and lastly, sprinkled some chocolate powder on top. It was pretty pathetic, to say the least. I’d hate to give bad reviews but really, there’s no nicer way to put it and I feel that everyone should know about it. It’s also very overpriced and my friend commented that the ice cream tasted like the ones from the supermarket.

image Ham & Cheese Crossiant ($6.50)

This was so-so. It was one of the better dishes that we had ordered. The crossiant was decent and there was nothing special to it, although some people have raved about it.

B.E.T Sandwich ($13.50)
Streaky bacon, sunny-side egg, malted mature cheddar sandwich topped with argula

This was a delicious and heartwarming sandwich. However, on the downside, there was a lot of cheese and it got a bit jelat (singlish for when you have too much of something and get sick of it) at the end.

Salmon and Eggs ($15)
Atlantic smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, homemade cream cheese greek yoghurt served on toast

Hopefully they were just having a bad day, because this dish wasn’t that great either. The scrambled eggs were creamy and fluffy but tasteless. The rocket leaves provided the extra kick that the dish needed. On the other hand, the smoked salmon came in large, thick slices and was not overly seasoned.


Chocolate & Strawberries Waffle ($11.50)
Homemade chocolate sauce, fresh strawberries, topped with vanilla ice cream

This was the saving dish of the day. The waffles are a must-try at Assembly Coffee and I really recommend them as well. The waffles are crispy on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside. They didn’t become soft or soggy despite the ice cream placed on top. This is truly waffle heaven.

Overall, Assembly Coffee has a few hits and misses. Their staff are friendly and waffles to-die-for, but the rest of the food is average and their interior is way too small.

Will I return again? Not really, no. I think that it’s overpriced and it’s relatively inaccessible. Unless I’m nearby and I have a strong desire for waffles, I’d skip this cafe.



26 Evans Lodge, Singapore 259367
(Nearest train station: Botanic Gardens)
Tel: 6735 5647

Opening hours:
Tue – Sun: 8:00 am – 7:00 pm